Salmon Junkies grabbing Steelies! Skeena fish are really hot!


Guys from Salmon Junkies have super video! Great river Skeena! Great Steelheads! Jealous from me! But not, jealous from us! Text about this from: Salmon Junkies:  “Holy smoke, those Skeena fish are really hot. Back home after a fantastic BC. Trip. Columbus Leth and I managed to land 30 big Steelies (Most fish was Sea liced). Two fish was 20 lbs and with a 22Lbs. for Columbus as the biggest. Beside the twenty pounders, we managed to land 21 Steelhead between 13 – 19 Lbs. Smallest fish was a couple of 13lbs chromes. Many of the fish stripped us for more than 200meters of backing in the first run, and most of the time we had to jump behind a hot Chromer 200 – 300m downstream before we managed to land the fish.” Thanks Guys!

Stay tuned!