The Legacy from Fly Fishing Legend Jack Dennis


Rivers are made for fly fishing. There’s something about the river. It‘s music. It’s mystery –these are the words of fly  fishing legend and professional Jack Dennis. Who speaks and smiles to us in this video.  Jack Dennis made a huge tribute in conservation of wild and scenic Snake River that floats in Wyoming. Near the banks of Upper Snake River, Jack as a little boy, was taught by his grandfather how to fly fish. And he fell in love with this sport (Well it’s more than a sport – it’s a way of life, don’t you agree?). Now the circle of life has turned around and Jack himself is teaching his young grandchild the mysteries of fly fishing. Hoping that the boy in the future will teach his grandchildren how to hold the rod. It’s a mystic, never ending circle, like the float of the river. It’s Legacy.

But if we want to leave these wild, magic and beautiful rivers for the future generations, we have to protect them. If we want to teach our grandchildren how to fly fish – we have to respect rivers. With all the creatures living in the their waters. Thanks to Jack, 400 miles of Snake River and its tributaries gained the protection. But that’s not enough. Because only 1 percent of US rivers are considered to be wild and scenic and are protected. Yet all the good changes are in our own hands. As it once was in Jack’s. With inspiration and optimism that  Jack Dennis gives to us in this video, we can create a Legacy. What will it look like?

From the filmmakers:

Take a peek at one of the most iconic rivers in America, with one of the most iconic legends in fly fishing and river conservation. This conversation with Jack Dennis about the mighty Snake River in Wyoming and how it has been preserved as a Wild & Scenic River for future generations inspires.
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