The Montana Warmwater Project


Interesting video from Creekside Media. These guys in this movie The Montana Warmwater Project invites us to take a challenge. To try something new. Something unusual. Something that makes your heart beat more faster.  They are inviting us to try new kind of fly fishing in Montana. Montana can offer  us much more than only  trout fly fishing. You just have to leave your comfort zone and try different  kind of fly fishing. Warm, unexplored Montana waters full of aggressive  basses and strong pikes are waiting for fly fishermen. And these fishes can give a really hard challenge for fly fishermen. So let’s accept it.  Let’s take this adventure, Guys.

From the filmmakers:

Montana and trout fishing seem to go hand in hand, and the Big Sky State is littered with dozens of trout streams awaiting the fly fisherman. The Montana Warmwater Project explores what else Montana has to offer in terms of game fish for the fly angler. Filmed over the summer of 2015. Official Selection, Montana Fishing Film Festival 2016.

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