How to FREE Rivers With a Help of ART? DamNation Initiative


Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity presents unique collaboration – artists and environmental activists are changing the look of our Planet – they are freeing the rivers. They are freeing our minds. The way we think. The way we act. Once again the old proverb that even a big journey starts with one step, came alive, in this inspiring video. DamNation made it come alive. But as all stories has a beginning this one also does. This short movie lets as take a glimpse into a very very interesting and crazy (in the best possible way) personality – Mikal Jakubal from whom dam removal activism started many years ago and who is still a great inspirer for us.  Must watch this video – it’s made my day!  Can’t stop thinking how little steps, can turn into a revolution. Like a river – it starts from a small cold stream and during it’s long journey becomes stronger, wider and faster. Yes, Guys, rivers have to run free.

From the filmmakers:

When art and environmental activism combine, there is potential for real change. The film “DamNation” clearly shows how activism is changing the conversation around deadbeat dams in North America. “DamNation” was a 2014 Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival finalist.

Stay tuned!