Fly Fishing is a Therapy – Soul River Runs Deep


Guys,  do you remember Chad Brown – we were talking about him in short documentary video ALASKA CROSS CULTURAL EXPLORATION – CHANGING THE WORLD WITH CHAD BROWNChad has a really big mission – he is teaching inner-city youth and  veterans, suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the secrets of the fly fishing. Soul River Runs Deep is a short, exceptional video about Chad’s mission – teaching inner-city youth and  veterans about conscious angling, fly tying, conservation of wild nature, being outdoors. Getting to know the secrets of the the flow.  And all of these things can help them to overcome PTSD.  While watching this video unconsciously you can’t stop smiling together with this kind-hearted man. Great job, Chad!

From the film makers:

Chad Brown, creative director of Soul River Runs Deep is on a mission to help vets and kids who suffer from PTSD and bring them together to heal through fly fishing.

Stay tuned!