Salmon Strongholds: Skeena River is Under Threat


Which fish is No. 1 in every angler’s bucket list? Yes, Guys, it’s Salmon. Salmon – King of Fish. Moreover salmon is a source of life for many other species. But this incredible, beautiful, persistent and  majestic species who let us to experience the pure beauty of angling  needs our help. If we want that our children could experience that magic moment of fighting, catching, holding in hands and releasing into cold rivers stream this King of fish, we have to take actions right now.  Skeena River is a cradle of wild salmons but it’s salmons are in danger.  Gas companies aimed to Skeena River and this is real and great threat to our beloved salmons.  If we won’t take actions, this cradle will be destroyed. So we can’t stand asaid, Guys!  Just can’t! Spread the new worldwide and help Wild Salmon Center to protect Skeena River salmons.

From the filmmakers:


The Skeena is a globally important wild salmon stronghold and Canada’s second largest wild salmon river. Home to some of the largest Chinook and steelhead ever recorded, the river’s combined tribal, recreational, and commercial fishing economy is worth $110 million a year. The river and its salmon form the cultural and social bedrock of the place, where fishing is a near-universal way of life and First Nations have been celebrating and eating salmon for 5,000 years.

On September 27th Trudeau’s cabinet gave conditional approval to a Petronus-backed LNG development that threatens Flora Bank, at the mouth of the Skeena. Please continue to voice your concerns through our link below. We are not giving up on the Skeena. And neither should you. TAKE ACTION:

Film Credits:
Production: Nick Brown, Quick Hit Record; Arthur Bradford
Voice: Erica Pelletier
Animation: Coltan Hash
Video and photos: Quinn Barabash, Storm Carroll, Trip Jennings, Ken Morrish, Jason Ching, The Kamchatka Project, Igor Shpilenok

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