A Dose of Inspiration – Northern Fly Fishing from PERCY FILM

by flymag.net

Thrill and excitement are the two words describing this brilliant movie. Magic of the North. The beauty that can’t be described by words. Because there are no word that could convey the greatness of these men’s untouched rivers, mountains and wild forests. But these guys revealed it in this movie. Great job! Northern places are in every fly fisherman’s bucket list. Such an inspirational movie, Guys,  the one that totally goes under category “must see”.  Northern Fly Fishing is true feast for your eyes and all your senses. Thanks Percy Film for the adventure and for the inspiration.

From the filmmakers:

Two young men travel north hoping to catch trout on a dry fly and a large northern pike on a flyrod.
A short film about the preparation, execution and thrill of success in fly fishing.

Starring the Whip Fly Fishing Team and Niklaus Bauer.

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