Lifetime Journey – Along The Way – Full Movie from HOOKÉ


At last! Incredibly beautiful movie from HOOKÉ. Movie is worth all the waiting. Perfect done Guys! Easily could call this movie – a Lifetime Journey.  Unbelievable moments. Spectacular view – all the most beautiful fly fishing places in the world.  Great adventure. Excellent memories. Good music. Lot’s of interesting people met during the journey. And many many more you can find for yourself while watching this movie.   It’s a movie for a perfect evening. A dose of good emotions. And we couldn’t agree more – communicating, meeting new people and  trying to get to know the different cultures  is as important as fly fishing itself. So let’s plunge into a Journey of a Lifetime!

From the filmmakers:

After touring the world aboard the IF4, the full version of “Along The Way” is finally available! We produced this movie with all the encounters and all the great moments we shared by the river in mind. Gaspé, New-Brunswick, Baie-James, Labrador and British Columbia where all incredible places, but the things we’ll remember the most are the people we met in each of these places. We hope it will make you travel with us a little, while we wait for the next season to arrive!

Après avoir fait le tour du monde à bord du festival IF4, «Along the Way» est finalement disponible en ligne. Nous avons produit ce film avec en tête toutes les rencontres faites sur le bord de la fosse. Bien sur il y a les saumons que nous avons pris au Québec, au Nouveau-Brunswick et au Labrador, les brochets et les mouchetées de la Baie-James et nos premières Bull Trout et Steelhead dans l’Ouest, mais par-dessus tout, il y a les humains incroyables que nous avons rencontrés dans chacun de ces endroits. Nous espérons que ce film vous fera voyager un peu avec nous, en attendant la prochaine saison!

Thanks to the artists who helped us out on the soundtrack of our first season:
Tom Hartney –
Patchley –
Peter Henry Philips –
John Jacob Magistery –
Fire/Works –
Tom Rosenthal –

Lifetime Journey – Along The Way – Full Movie from HOOKÉ


Stay tuned!