Midsummer Longing from Dognfuggel: Nidelva

by flymag.net

Surrounded by light mist comes the midsummer morning. Mayflies are dancing over the warm Nidelva water’s surface. Wonderfull sunrise accompanied by songs of hundreds birds.  All the nature wakes up and greets the sun. Summer warmth surrounds everything and everybody. It’s the midsummer miracle. Chills  are running all over the body while watching this magical video from  Døgnfuggel. Thanks Guys! Midsummer Longing on such a autumn’s day.

From the filmmakers:

Our local river Nidelva close to the city of Trondheim, can be both challenging and frustrating. The hatches are unpredictable, but at the right conditions and weather, the wild brown trouts rise and you meet a fishery that can be both rewarding and satisfying.

Stay tuned!