Red Bull Snowboarding and Fly Fishing – One Passion!


Crazy and very cool video from Red Bull. Red Bull Snowboarding and Fly Fishing and even ecological consciousness – everything is connected. Under one passion – to live life that’s worth living. Adventures. Challenges. Good mood. snowy mountains an river flow. Perfect done Guys.

From the filmmakers:

Brothers John and Eric Jackson use their imaginations to make the mountains their canvas for the art of snowboarding. The duo discusses what their imagination does for them, then they shred a local peak that’s been unridable for years.

About “Book of John J”: In an ongoing quest for personal evolution, pro snowboarder John Jackson unites with top athletes across the action sports world to examine the steps of progression. Egos are destroyed, new levels of sport are reached, and enlightenment is the goal.

0:02 “Drinking Lightning” by AWOLNATION (Red Bull Records):
1:08 ” I Am” by AWOLNATION (Red Bull Records):
6:30 “Heart And Soul” by Twin Atlantic (Red Bull Records):

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Red Bull Snowboarding and Fly Fishing

Stay tuned!