The Rod Makers Story – Fine Cane Rods – from Alex Rimmer


We found one more movie about bamboo fly fishing rod building. This time it’s a short one from Alex Rimmer. Six minutes in Fine Cane Rods workshop with Gary Marshall, maker and restorer of split cane (bamboo) fly rods in Derby England. Here we can feel a little touch of a spirit of a classic bamboo rod building. Have a good time watching! Thanks`Guys!

From the filmmakers:

This short documentary was based on a brief that I decided to do from University.
I love fishing and I also love split cane rods, so I searched on the internet for a rod maker close to my university.
This is how I came across Gary.
This is the first time I have ever filmed a documentary so I guess it was a learning process from day one.
I hope I have done this awesome process justice.
Please go and check Gary’s website out, he is always around to answer questions and queries.

Stay tuned!