Impresive B&W Trout Pursuit Movie – 2 Years Gone


Very extraordinary movie about Trout Pursuit from TruMontana. It has two parts –  first half of the movie is very artistic and tasty, second one is more expressive. The main message, from these guys from Montana, I think,  is that no matter how long you are fly fishing, fly fishing doesn’t lose it’s charm. You can’t get enough no matter how long you are doing it. Years go by and you are still crossing the river. You just can’t stop. Couldn’t agree more – it’s an addiction. Movie in Black&White, almost speechless. But the view says more than thousands words. Just take a look, Guys. By the way – perfect music, especially the first song.

From the filmmakers:

This is the same video we uploaded a while back, but we just did it with a little higher video quality this time! This is just a straight up fish porn movie with some big browns, and some excellent dry fly fishing done by a group of local Montana pros.

Stay tuned!