Mega Dam Threat on Susitna River. The Super Salmon – Movie Trailer


This film from Ryan Anderson with its beauty,  greatness and injustice for wild nature leaves nobody indifferent.  We have to choose – a salmon or a concrete dam.  And it seems that some people in this world had gone completely mad. Another one destructive dam project is threatening to destroy one of the most beautiful and wildest places in the world. This time magnificent Susitna River in Alaska is in danger. River Susitna is one of the world’s biggest wild salmon watersheds. Magic salmon’s journey up stream would be destroyed. It’s such a great injustice for wild nature and for all people who care about it. As Ryan Anderson says himself  in December we will be introduced with the full movie. Waiting in great impatience to hear all the story of wild salmon and it’s home – Susitna River. Thanks, Guys for your fight for free rivers!

From the filmmakers:

Alaska’s Susitna River is one of the world’s biggest and healthiest wild salmon watersheds. A controversial government plan aims to tap its hydroelectric potential via a $6b, 735′ concrete dam. As part of studies done in advance, scientists radio-tagged a king salmon that made an unbelievable journey.

Short film coming December, 2016.

Stay tuned!