Even Better The Sorcerer: Vol. 2 from Jazz & Fly Fishing

by flymag.net

Finally! At last! The second part of the movie “The Sorcerer Vol. 2” is here! The ones of you who hadn’t seen the first part one The Sorcerer definitely must do. You can find it here.  These guys from  Jazz & Fly Fishing shoot one of the most unique, spectacular and  artistical fly fishing movies.  This one is again full of mystics and fly fishing spells. The sense of humour is just perfect. The masterpiece of a good mood. And the way guys from the Jazz and Fly Fishing shooted movies – well, it’s a theatrical drama that worths Stanislavski himself. if you hadn’t heard what is the meaning of “course smile” is. Or how does the cock flavouring seasoning taste – you just have to watch this movie. It will make your day!

Jazz & Fly Fishing

Thanks Guys!


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