Cold “SALT 3” – Quest for Seatrout! Epic Music for Great Catches!


Couple days ago we got a message from Wyeld Fly Fishing. Easter worries hadn’t shared some of the moment of this nice short movie. But this time we have “SALT 3” (SALT 1 and SALT 2 you can find here). And again hot swedish guys plunge in cold salt water. It’s a quest for Seatrout! And all this accompanied by dramatic music taking catch after catch! Thank Guys and especially mr. Wille Lindh!

Seatrout Seatrout

from the filmmakers:

The search for Seatrout continues, Wille, Jonathan, Jarno and Oskar has spend a couple of days fishing in Kapellskär on the east coast of Sweden, but the conditions was against us.

Stay tuned!