120 Day Lasting Tarpon Fly Fishing Session from YETI

by flymag.net

“Bum and that gets my blood popping!” This is just one phrase from new film “120 days”.  As always YETI presents not ordinari short. 120 days lasting tarpon fly fishing session! Perfect and stylish B&W picture, amazing slow motion,  incredible and perfectly adapted music. Serious and professional guys! And actually one of desirable fishes – Tarpon! This short movie in this year is so far my favorite! In one word – MASTERPIECE!

Tarpon Fly Fishing

from filmmakers:

Few people know anything the way David Mangum knows tarpon fishing. His hunger to better understand these primordial monster borders on obsession. It also makes him one of the best fishing guides in the world. Follow David as he scouts the flats and talks tarpon in 120 Days: Tarpon Season.

Edit: Ben Knight
Principle Cinematography: Travis Rummel, Ben Knight and George Knowles
Additional Cinematography: David Mangum and Simon Perkins

Music By:
Lawrence English — Watching it Unfold
Nils Frahm & Anne Müller — Let My Key Be in C (Thriller Edit)
Maxence Cyprin — Where is My Mind (Pixies Cover)

Music Clearance — Bodie Johnson @ Back Forty Management
Still Photographs Courtesy of David Mangum
Special Thanks: Preston Sutter, Mangum Family, Fried Flounder and Fried Shrimp

Tarpon Fly Fishing


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