ASTOVE – Last Salt Fly Fishing Paradise!


As always guys from Black Fly Eyes give headshot for us! This time we have the opportunity to touch the salt fly fishing paradise – ASTOVE. In the middle of nowhere, in the little incredible island where blue ocean merge with blue sky, where GT rise from the waves. In few words -in the last Paradise of our beloved planet!  Thank Guys for this little touch!

Salt Fly Fishing Salt Fly Fishing

From the filmmakers:

The very first trip to remote Astove island in Seychelles came very unexpected this year and we had just couple of days to prepare for it. Any how it was minimum plans for scenery made during the flight time and basically everything went spontaneous. We had 6 days of fishing with some nice spring tides and explored everything what Astove fishing has to offer. Dredging and teasing for GT`s, fishing in the surf, skinny flats and solid bonefish, permit fishing in the beautiful lagoon, fishing from the cliffs and beach, popping in the mouth etc. Fishing was insane with loads of action and brutality. Surroundings and views were breath taking and sunsets with ice cold gin&tonic gave us chill out to it`s max.
So here is our “spontaneous adventure” witch turned out into mini documentary ASTOVE.

Stay tuned!