Love Story for the Brook Trouts – Northern Exposure


30 minutes of freedom! This film from Tight Loops is dedicated for every free soul of this planet. For the ones, who seek  adventures. For the ones, who seek unity with nature and themselves. Perfect work of wife’s and husband’s duet. Thanks Aimee Bartee! Thanks Chase Bartee! It’s perfect love story for the amazing Brook Trouts of Northern America. This breath taking movie movie reveals the philosophie of here and now.  Philosophie of catching the moment. The idea of the flow. Perfect views, amazing catches, wonderful story, great music, incredible journey to wilderness. Just have to watch it, Guys!

Brook Trouts Brook Trouts Brook Trouts

From the filmmakers:

Aimee and I once spent an entire summer living out of our van, gallivanting around the western United States soaking in every bit of its wondrous beauty. But where would they go from there? How could we follow up an experience like that? We found ourselves often bemoaning the fact that “we don’t live near anything that awesome” back in Massachusetts. But the truth is that’s a load of BS, and the opportunities for adventure in this country are only as limited as your imagination. After several hundred hours scouring every nook and cranny of the available literature, and many long, good, talks on the phone with soon-to-be new friends, we had an itinerary. Don’t expect to see any geotags of these rivers on Instagram, the folks up there keep it pretty close to the chest, but if you make the effort and earn your stripes, I guarantee you’ll be put on a 3+ pound, wild Maine squaretail in no time. The only question is; how the hell are we going to top that?

Directed By Chase and Aimee Bartee

Shot/cut/colored/mixed by Chase Bartee

Additional Camera by Aimee Bartee

Featuring the music of
Atlantic Thrills

Last Good Tooth

Outer Spaces

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