One more great story about island of dreamy fly fishing paradise. Brady Davis and Rockhouse Motion return to fly fishing missionary on the islands of French Polynesia. The place the locals describe as “The Forgotten Atoll”. Where in blue as sky water live GTs and Triggerfishes. Where you must find the best fly for these amazing fishes. In couple words  – you must see this perfect short movie, even if the ride to “The Forgotten Atoll”remains only a dream… Thanks Guys!


From the film makers:

Brady Davis was a missionary, traveling around the islands of French Polynesia, creating lasting relationships with the locals along the way. Fifteen years later, he returned to a place the locals describe as “The Forgotten Atoll”, bringing with him an eclectic group of anglers, and fly fishing the waters there for the very first time. Joining Brady was his wife Emily, the film crew at Rockhouse Motion, and Naoto Aoki, a Canadian fly fishing guide. During their time on the atoll, they encountered a myriad of challenges. Targeting Triggerfish, as well as Bluefin and Giant Trevally on the fly, they worked to solve the puzzle of a remote fishery shaped by generations of consumption by the local Polynesians. United by their goal, and working to understand the motivation that kept them scanning the flats in the sun and the heat, the trio enjoyed a trip of a lifetime as together they explored, learned, and fished the Forgotten Atoll. Fly fishing missionary


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