Fly Fishing Science – Fly fishing and treating cancer: TED Talks


Fly Fishing Science – scientific yet very interesting point of view to the similarity between fly fishing and cancer. Meet Thomas Jensen – passionate researcher and passionate fly fisherman. And his story about  fisherman’s dilemma. About researcher’s dilemma. About matching the hatch and how this method is applied in cancer treatment.

Fly Fishing Science

From the filmmakers:

Thomas Jensen is revolutionizing cancer research. He talks about the possibilities of today’s advanced tools which are helping predict outcomes to chemotherapies and other illnesses. Drawing a unique comparison between these methods and fly fishing, Jensen explains why big data, if used correctly, is a “paradigm changer.”

Thomas Jensen is pioneering the bridging of good science, effective laboratory techniques, and bioinformatics to advance the biology of cancer. He founded and leads the MPI laboratories in Denmark and in the USA. Amongst Thomas’ accolades are his inventions of molecular biological guidelines and techniques for high-quality RNA processing. This allows for high resolution analysis of cancer patients’ biopsies. His inventions are an important foundation of MPI’s Drug Response Prediction platform – a high resolution bioinformatics tool that predicts the sensitivity and resistance of anticancer drugs. Bozeman, Montana is Thomas’ sanctuary, where he enters his mental laboratory to hear himself think and concoct big ideas to help solve one of the 21st century’s biggest problems – cancer. He basks in Bozeman’s natural serenity equipped with fly rods and cameras. Montana is where he has discovered remarkable parallels between the art and science of fly fishing, photography, and solving cancer.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Fly Fishing Science

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