Enchanting Dancing Steelheads! – Fly Buds n’ Fist Bumps

by flymag.net

Magic video from  The Shire Life. So calm and yet majestic. Enchanting! Beautiful music, beautiful story told without a human sound. Friendship, river stream, morning sun, big adventure, great emotions, tight lines and incredible Dancing Steelheads! Perfect 6 minutes for day dreaming about your beloved fly fishing places.

Dancing Steelheads

Dancing Steelheads Dancing Steelheads Dancing Steelheads

From the filmmakers:

When we learned that the creek we spent countless hours chasing steelhead on may be deemed unfishable for the following couple years due to dam removal, we planned one final trip from across the country to fish the river we call home. While the removal of this damn will eventually help the fish population, a massive release of silt may make it nearly impossible to fish for the following years. With only two and a half days to fish, lets just say mother nature sent us a blessing and gave us a weekend full of tight lines and smile cramps! Theres nothing better than being on the water with your buddies dancing with fish after fish after fish!

Stay tuned!