Salmons Mud Puddle Experiment – Nigiri project – No Going Back


This time very interesting video from California Trout. What happens then one puts together science, sustainable thinking and lot’s of enthusiasm?  And the answer is extraordinary – you get thriving salmons raised in a rice fields! You get the balance between people needs and nature needs. Synergy between wild salmons and farming. Thats how this Salmons Mud Puddle Experiment in Sacramento walley was born. Brilliant idea!  Sustainable decisions, sustaibnable thinking, big and healthy salmons. Hurray!

Salmons Mud Puddle Experiment

Salmons Mud Puddle Experiment

From the filmmakers:

This is a story about fish, water, and people. Over the years in California, wildlife abundance has been replaced by agricultural abundance and the conversation usually focuses on fish or farms. But what if it doesn’t have to be that way? CalTrout’s Nigiri Project has demonstrated that it can be fish AND farms. That wild salmon can be integrated into the agricultural landscape to the benefit of wild fish and people.

Stay tuned!