Hungry Trouts – BIG GULPS from Montana Wild


Crazy and cool video from Montana Wild. Good time, funny people, Jim Carrey,  summer’s heat, big Salmon Flies flying over river and very very hungry Trouts! Thats all you need for fly fishing adventure. Thats all you need for good short fly fishing movie! Good mood makers! THANKS GUYS!

Hungry Trouts Hungry Trouts

From the filmmakers:

Salmonflies, one of the biggest meals on a trout’s menu! Some of the best days of the year are found when these bugs are fluttering downriver and the eats can definitely be called “big gulps.” For a few days during the summer of 2016 we brought the camera out to snag a few clips of this special time of year!

Produced by: Zack Boughton/Montana Wild
Filmed by: Keith Ailes, Zack Boughton, Calvin Connor
Edit by: Keith Ailes

Stay tuned!