Fly Girl Camille Egdorf Breaks the Rules of Men Fly Fishing – Odd Man Out


What is the role of a woman in male dominatined industry, in men fly fishing world? That’s a very good question, Guys. And YETI, together with incredible fly girl Camille Egdorf, give us dozens of answers. Camille Egdorf  is a very special person in fly fishing worl. She hacks the paths for other women in the world of fly fishing. She brakes the rules. She changes our perception of the world. She encourages us to dare more. To strive for more. And to find the meaning and beauty in every moment of our lifes. Thanks, Camille!

Men Fly Fishing


From the filmmakers:

Camille Egdorf grew up on her parents’ remote fishing camps in the Alaskan backcountry, started casting lines when she was just four years old, and has been dominating the outdoor community ever since. She’s traveled the world over as an angler and guide — from the Seychelles to Kamchatka, she’s landed some legendary catches and racked up some unbelievable stories. Camille undeniably pushes the limits of what we expect out of a contemporary angler. She’s as smart as she is strong, friendly as she is fierce on the water

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