Love Trout – Mesmerizing Tribute from “Troutphils” to BROWN TROUT


Amazing tribute to BROWN TROUT from FMAO Productions. Here you can feel true love to this mesmerizing fish. Truly perfect set of shots we are inviting to watch everyone who dreams of duel with ones own dream trout.  This is a fish that force grown up men shout from happiness, laugh or cry. After watching this movie you will have a clear understanding what a word “troutphile” means 🙂



From the filmmakers:

Our tribute to the mesmerizing, elegant, elusive and sometimes down right frustrating brown trout. There´s no more worthy opponent than a gnarly mean old trout that´s seen all the dry flies you could possibly chuck at it! We bow before the spotted golden yellow altar and give our praise with this film.

Stay tuned!