100 % Guarantee of Perfect Cycling and Fly Fishing Vibes. High Altitude Lines. One Passion!

by flymag.net

That’s what I call a true taste of adventure! Well done Yeti Cycles! Perfect story. Breathtaking views of the wildest places. But the most magnificent aspect of this video is the main idea – cycling and fly fishing as one passion. And the result of this combination is stunning. Don’t want to spoil this video anymore, Guys, because words are not enough to retell the emotions one experience while watching this video. Just watch for yourselves – 100 % guarantee of perfect fly fishing vibes!

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From the film makers:

A fishing expedition through the alpine lakes of the San Juan high-country.

Presented by: Yeti Cycles

Directed by: Craig Grant & Joey Schusler
Cinematography by: Joey Schusler
Edited by: Craig Grant
Sound Design: Keith White
Additional Footage by: Thomas Woodson
Story Editors: Hilary Oliver, Brendon Leonard
Motion Graphics: Good Fortune Collective

Riders: Ben Kraushaar, Sam Simmons, Justin Reiter, and Dylan Stucki

Your Love by Motels
How We Do It by Royal Deluxe
Landscapes by Bell Paines
Glimpse by Bell Plaines
Long Train Home by The Earth & Arrow

Shot on: Red Epic w/Canon L-Series lenses, DJI Phanton 4 Pro, Sony A7s II

More Than Myth

Stay tuned!